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One side has the word, one side has the definition. Microwave and ... Lisa is too twitterpated to even get a good night's sleep ever since she met David.


Twitterpated definition, excited or overcome by romantic feelings; smitten. See more.


Obviously used more these days due to Twitter, however I found references that indicate the term was first used by Thumper in the movie Bambi. I'm going to dig ...


infatuated or obsessed Meaning, pronunciation, example sentences, and more ... 'smiling into each other's eyes, a seemingly twitterpated couple glided past'.


twitter + pated, i.e., having one's pate (head) in a twitter (confused). First used in the ... twitterpated (comparative more twitterpated, superlative most twitterpated).

Jan 1, 2008 ... Bambi shuns springtime love when he learns about it from the wise owl.


While "twitterpated" is not listed in the OED, it is in the Urban Dictionary, the most popular definition being "the flighty exciting feeling you get when you think ...


twitterpated definition: Adjective (comparative more twitterpated, superlative most twitterpated) 1. Smitten or love-struck; romantically infatuated. Origin twitter +‎ ...


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