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In mathematics, a vertex most commonly refers to a corner or endpoint where lines meet. It can also refer to the maximum or minimum point on a parabola along its line of symmetry.

Vertex (geometry)



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the highest point of something; apex; summit; top: the vertex of a mountain. 2. Anatomy, Zoology. the crown or top of the head. 3. Craniometry. the highest point  ...

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Vertex. more ... Vertex. A point where two or more straight lines meet. A corner. Examples: • any corner of this pentagon (a plane shape) • any corner of this ...

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Vertices, Edges and Faces. Vertex, Edge and Face A vertex is a corner. An edge joins one vertex with another. A face is an individual surface. Let us look more ...

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Vertices is defined as the highest point or the point where two lines intersect. An example of vertices are the tops of mountains. An example of vertices are the ...

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Vertex definition: Various subtly different definitions of a vertex.

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Define vertices. vertices synonyms, vertices pronunciation, vertices translation, English dictionary definition of vertices. n. A plural of vertex. n., pl. -tex•es, -ti•ces  ...

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n. pl. ver·ti·ces (-tĭ-sēz′) also ver·tex·es. 1. The highest point; the apex or summit: the vertex of a mountain. 2. Anatomy. a. The highest point of the skull. b.

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How do you find the faces, edges, and vertices of any shape? I just go blank, because I really don't understand it.

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