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A computer monitor is an output device which displays the information in pictorial form. .... In 2010 the computer industry started to move over from 16:10 to 16:9 because 16:9 was chosen to be the standard high-definition television display size, ...


The definition of Monitor defined and explained in simple language.


Aug 22, 2016 ... A computer monitor is the device that displays the information produced by the video card. A monitor can come in either LCD or CRT format.


In computers, a monitor is a computer display and related parts packaged in a physical unit that is separate from other parts of the computer. Notebook ...


Definition of: monitor (1) A display screen used to provide visual output from a computer, cable box, video camera, VCR or other video generating device.


Jun 27, 2017 ... Computer dictionary definition for what monitor means including related links, information, and terms.


Noun, 1. computer monitor - a device that displays signals on a computer screen. monitoring device, monitor - display produced by a device that takes signals ...


Monitor definition, (especially formerly) a student appointed to assist in the ... that accepts video signals from a computer and displays information on a screen.


a device that displays signals on a computer screen.