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a person who pursues game, prey, or a person stealthily.
a person who harasses another person, as a former lover, a famous person, etc., in an aggressive, often threatening and illegal manner: Hollywood stars often have security guards to keep dangerous stalkers at bay.
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Having been used since at least the 16th century to refer to a prowler or a poacher (Oxford English Dictionary), the term stalker began ...


Stalker definition, a person who pursues game, prey, or a person stealthily. See more.


It seems to be that the term 'stalker' no longer means what it used to mean--the pathological ANONYMOUS follower and tab-keeper of another person or ...


Stalking. Criminal activity consisting of the repeated following and harassing of another person.Stalking is a distinctive form of criminal activity composed of a ...


A stalker can describe anyone who sneaks around, but it usually means a person who follows one specific individual obsessively. The word wasn't used this ...


stalker definition, meaning, what is stalker: a person who illegally follows and watches someone, especially a woman, over a period of…. Learn more.


Oct 25, 2007 ... Like domestic violence, stalking is a crime of power and control. Stalking is conservatively defined as "a course of conduct directed at a specific ...


Stalking is hunting for prey, or physically following someone, or contacting them excessively. An example of stalking is quietly approaching an animal you're ...


Criminal Stalking Laws. Analyzing Stalking Laws · Model Stalking Statute. This page lists the most applicable state crimes addressing stalking. However ...