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The Persian alphabet or Perso-Arabic alphabet, is a writing .... The following is a list of differences between the writing system: A hamze (ء) is not written above or below an alef (ا) as it is ...


Mar 15, 2017 ... The answer is no — Arabic is not the same as Farsi — but I usually go ... two languages and how they compare and contrast with one another.


Arabic vs Farsi As I walk along the road, I see many people of different races. Yes , seeing a lot of people from different countries doesn't surprise me that.


I always heard that Persian language is highly influenced by Arabic, and many words ... And there's a difference between the Arabic ي and Persian ی, as well as  ...

Feb 7, 2016 ... Islam has no Iranian origin and is light years different than actual Iranian .... I hope one day the conflict between Arabs and Persians ends.


Sep 27, 2004 ... Regarding, the relation between Arabic and Farsi, it is a result of the fact .... Persian and Farsi are the same . there isn't any difference between ...


What is the difference between farsi and arabic? I am basically wondering where they are used, which is used more, and which is more difficult ...


Caught some jackasses making wise cracks about me at the corner store. Asked them what language they were speaking in, obviously making ...


Dari, Farsi, and Pashto both use the Arabic Alphabet, but they are completely different ... In general, there are few differences between formal Dari and Farsi.


Jan 6, 2017 ... In this article we will only discuss the differences between Arabic, Persian, and Kurdish. The Arabic script is used in many more languages, ...