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A pony is a small horse (Equus ferus caballus). Depending on context, a pony may be a horse that is under an approximate or exact height at the withers or a small horse with a specific conformation ...

The Difference Between a Pony and a Horse - Today I Found Out


Jun 21, 2013 ... F. Morse asks: What is the difference between a horse and a pony? ... There are some horses smaller than a typical pony size that are not ...

How to Tell a Horse from a Pony: 8 Steps (with Pictures)


Feb 26, 2016 ... The biggest difference between a horse and a pony is the size. Equine animals are measured from their withers down to the ground. Horses ...

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Jun 21, 2015 ... What's the difference between a horse, a pony, and a miniature horse? Well today I explain. Thanks so much for watching and feel free to leave ...

What is the Difference Between a Horse and a Pony? | Colorado ...


May 24, 2012 ... However this is very much not the reality, and there are many considerable differences between horses and ponies that you should familiarize ...

Miniature Horse vs Shetland Pony - Horse Comparison


Compare Horse: Miniature Horse vs Shetland Pony. Detailed info on temperament, size, health, breed type, life span, and more side by side.

Difference Between Pony and Horse | Difference Between


May 19, 2011 ... Pony vs Horse It is very easy to distinguish a pony from a horse. A horse is easily distinguished from the pony mainly by height. The ponies are ...

What is the Difference Between a Horse and a Pony - LuckyPony.com


The primary distinguishing factor of a horse from a pony is the animal's height. ... The difference between horses and pony can be a bit more complicated, ...

What's the difference between a horse, colt, pony, mare, stallion and ...


To elaborate on Chris's answer... COLT A young male horse that has not been gelded (neutered).For Thoroughbred, a colt is under four years of age, in most ...

The Difference Between Horses and Ponies - About.com


May 26, 2015 ... Learn the real differences between horses and ponies. Learn what identifies a pony, and why it's different from a horse.

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How Are Ponies and Horses Different? | Wonderopolis


The main distinction between ponies and horses is height. A horse is usually considered to be an equine that's at least 14.2 hands (or about four feet ten inches) ...

Difference between a horse and a pony | Living the Country Life


Exactly when is a horse considered a horse and not a pony – and vice versa? There are many people confused about the two, and rightly so. Pat Comerford is  ...

Miniature Horse vs. Pony: What's the Difference? - HubPages


Feb 18, 2016 ... This article explains the differences between ponies and miniature horses. Photos included.