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A pony is a small horse (Equus ferus caballus). Depending on context, a pony may be a horse that is under an approximate or exact height at the withers or a small horse with a specific conformation ...

The Difference Between a Pony and a Horse - Today I Found Out


Jun 21, 2013 ... F. Morse asks: What is the difference between a horse and a pony? ... There are some horses smaller than a typical pony size that are not ...

How to Tell a Horse from a Pony: 8 Steps (with Pictures)


Feb 26, 2016 ... The biggest difference between a horse and a pony is the size. Equine animals are measured from their withers down to the ground. Horses ...

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Feb 18, 2016 ... This article explains the differences between ponies and miniature horses. Photos included.

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Jun 21, 2015 ... What's the difference between a horse, a pony, and a miniature horse? Well today I explain. Thanks so much for watching and feel free to leave ...

Miniature Horse vs Shetland Pony - Horse Comparison - Horse Breeds


Compare Horse: Miniature Horse vs Shetland Pony. Detailed info on temperament, size, health, breed type, life span, and more side by side.

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The primary distinguishing factor of a horse from a pony is the animal's height. ... The difference between horses and pony can be a bit more complicated, ...

What's the difference between a horse, colt, pony, mare, stallion and ...


To elaborate on Chris's answer... COLT A young male horse that has not been gelded (neutered).For Thoroughbred, a colt is under four years of age, in most ...

Is there a behavioral difference between ponies and horses? - Quora


From my experience, no a lot more than what can be found between any two individual horses or ponies. It is commonly believed that ponies in general are ...

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May 26, 2015 ... Learn the real differences between horses and ponies. Learn what identifies a pony, and why it's different from a horse.

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How Are Ponies and Horses Different? | Wonderopolis


The main distinction between ponies and horses is height. A horse is usually considered to be an equine that's at least 14.2 hands (or about four feet ten inches) ...

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Exactly when is a horse considered a horse and not a pony – and vice versa? There are many people confused about the two, and rightly so. Pat Comerford is  ...

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May 19, 2011 ... Pony vs Horse It is very easy to distinguish a pony from a horse. A horse is easily distinguished from the pony mainly by height. The ponies are ...