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Four of the World's Dumbest Animals - Neatorama

Sep 26, 2012 ... There are those that argue that intelligence is a human standard and that animals cannot be evaluated on such terms. But when an animal ...

7 Dumbest Animals in the World - Buzzle

Jan 16, 2015 ... There are some exceptionally dim-witted animals who will display behavioral oddities like some ... Here's presenting 8 dumbest animals on earth.

What is the dumbest animal in the world - Answers

Most scientists haven't found a way to measure the intelligence of some wild animals, who aren't trained to run mazes or anything else... but here are some of  ...

What is the dumbest animal? |

It is difficult to quantify what the dumbest animal in the world is, simply because there is no universal barometer by which to measure intelligence. However ...

Are turkeys really the dumbest animals? - The Washington Post

Nov 28, 2013 ... Given that sponges and jellyfish are animals, and they don't have as much ... that the domesticated turkey is the dumbest animal on the planet.

What's the Dumbest Farm Animal? | Smith Meadows

May 21, 2013 ... Some folks think cows are the dumbest farm animal, while others insist it's chickens. A vocal minority would have you believe that—when it ...

8 Animals We Love That Do Painfully Dumb Things | TakePart

Jul 17, 2013 ... You wouldn't ruthlessly destroy another person's habitat just because he wasn't the brightest bulb in the room, would you? (Except maybe that ...

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Turkeys drowning by looking up is a myth; so which animal IS the dumbest? Google search turns up domesticated turkeys, sheep, afghan ... Is the Dumbest Animal?&v=8zf0vdHXiUc
Jun 21, 2014 ... Ok, when it comes to animal abuse, there is a lot of it which is intentional and deliberate, but then there is abuse that is more naive than ... Is the Dumbest Animal?&v=FGOvGab0NOo
Apr 24, 2011 ... top 10 : dumbest animals ... This is the stupidest video ever. Read more Show less ... (World's fastest land animal, bird and fish!) - Duration: ...
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Q: What is the dumbest animal?
A: Based on the expressions: dumb as an ox, stubborn as a mule, scared as a chicken & mean as a badger. Read More »
Q: What is the dumbest animal?
A: Previously, it was the Dodo bird. Today, the dumbest animal is the domesticated chicken. Read More »
Q: What is the dumbest animal?
A: The juvenile YA Troll.a pervasive pest/vermin species. Read More »
Q: What's the dumbest animal?
A: Humans by far! Read More »
Q: What is the most dumbest animal?
A: That is hard to say, but a turkey can drown in a bad thunder storm because they keep Read More »