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The Lungs
The lungs are the essential organs of respiration; they are two in number, placed one on either side within the thorax, and separated from each other by the heart and other contents of the mediastinum. The substance of the lung is of a light... More »


Lung function testing is carried out by evaluating a person's capacity to inhale and exhale in different circumstances.


Nov 13, 2015 ... This leaflet gives a brief overview of the lungs, lung function, and how we breathe . The lungs are found in the chest on the and side. At the front ...


The lungs are among the hardest-working organs in the body. They expand and contract up to 20 times a minute to supply oxygen to be distributed to tissues all ...


Sep 21, 2015 ... Lungs are an important part of the respiratory system. Adults take 15 to 20 breaths a minute, which comes to around 20000 breaths a day.


In pulmonary ventilation, air is inhaled through the nasal and oral cavities (the nose and mouth). It moves through the pharynx, larynx, and trachea into the lungs.


Mar 21, 2017 ... WebMD's Lungs Anatomy Page provides a detailed image and definition of the lungs. Learn about lung function, problems, location in the body ...


Nov 29, 2016 ... The lungs are organs of the respiratory system that allow us to breathe. The heart and lungs work together to provide oxygen to the cells of the ...


Absorbing oxygen from the air through the process of inhalation, the lungs bring oxygen into the bloodstream, which carries oxygen to the rest of the body.


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