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The going-to future is a grammatical construction used in English to refer to various types of ... Hence "You're going to like it" could be said as "You're gonna like it" or just "You gonna like it". In the first person, I'm gonna may further contract to ...


Oct 21, 2015 ... Back to the Future, again...2045: In another 30 years we'll have .... 'There is a huge cost advantage going to space from as high a base as ...

Mar 11, 2013 ... This video by Microsoft portrays a unique and interesting idea of what they think the future of tech is and what company's all around the world ...


May 21, 2014 ... The biggest lie about the future is that it's going to look much different from today.


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"The Future" so they say. what will you're life be like moments from now? will it be good or bad, chaged or unchanged. Well I hope you desire what ever may ...


Apr 17, 2014 ... 9 Bold Predictions About Our Future ... Areas like government, media and higher education are currently controlled by whites, but as their ...


He and his colleagues at the Institute for the Future don't help clients read tea leaves but they do ... So what will the world look like in 2020? ... are probably capable of doing that, and I think the robotics by that point are going to be quite robust.


As far as i know future is really bright and advanced when it comes to technology.