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Upsilon (uppercase Υ, lowercase υ; Greek: ύψιλον, ýpsilon, [ˈipsilon]; /ˈʌpsᵻlɒ n, ˈjuːp-, ... in falling diphthongs, w...

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Clue: Letter after upsilon. Letter after upsilon is a crossword puzzle clue that we have spotted over 20 times. There are related clues (shown below).

The Greek Alphabet


The original Greek letter society, Phi Beta Kappa, took its initials from the motto ... Delta Upsilon, which is non-secret, means "Justice is our Foundation." ... as the people who were driven out by the Israelites after the Exodus from Egypt. In turn ...

The Greek Alphabet - Ibiblio


This table gives the Greek letters, their names, equivalent English letters, and ... Upsilon (u):In the above table, we suggest that you pronounce this letter like "u" ...

The Greek Alphabet


After all, it all looks Greek to them! ... Letter, Name & Sound, Modern Greek pronunciation, Classic Greek Pronunciation (Attic). 1 ..... Now, there are three letters for [i] in the alphabet (eta, iota, and upsilon), pronounced identically, and two letters ...

The Greek Alphabet - MIT


http://www.ibiblio.org/koine/greek/lessons/alphabet.html had a web page that lists ... Upsilon (υ):In the above table, we suggest that you pronounce this letter like ...

Mathwords: Greek Alphabet


Γ γ, gamma, Ο ο, omicron. Δ δ, delta, Π π · pi. Ε ε, epsilon, Ρ ρ, rho. Ζ ζ, zeta, Σ σ, sigma. Η η, eta, Τ τ, tau. Θ θ, theta, Υ υ, upsilon. Ι ι, iota, Φ φ, phi. Κ κ, kappa, Χ χ ...

THE GREEK ALPHABET Name Upper case Lower case Latin ...


THE GREEK ALPHABET ... Upsilon. Υ υ y. Phi. Φ φ. (also ϕ) ph. Chi. X χ ch. Psi. Ψ ψ ps. Omega. Ω ω o. In ancient Greek writings, only upper case was used.

Appendix:Greek script - Wiktionary


Alphabet[edit]. see also: "Greek alphabet" on Wikipedia. English, Greek, u/c, l/c, English, Greek, u/c, l/c. 1, alpha · άλφα · Α · α, 13, nu · νι ...

A Greek Alphabet Oracle


Nov 7, 2015 ... an ancient Greek alphabet oracle. ... The astragalos-values are given in the parentheses following the letter by the number after the hyphen. ... For example, if you throw 2-1-1-4-1, which add to 9, your oracle is Upsilon (Υ).

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Related Clues: Fraternity letter · Greek letter · Sorority letter · Frat letter · Key opener? Chi preceder · ___ Beta Kappa · Key word · Greek consonant · Symbol of ...

Greek Alphabet - BeGreek


Greek Alphabet. Α – Alpha (al-fah) Β – Beta (bay-tah) ... Σ – Sigma (sig-mah) Τ – Tau (taw) Υ – Upsilon (up-si-lon) Φ – Phi (fie after consonant, fee after vowel)

The Greek Alphabet For People Who Don't Know Greek


You can quiz yourself on the names of the Greek letters here. ... Another difficulty is with the letter upsilon, which, if it comes after another vowel, is U as you ...