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Choose the Best Energy Bar for You - Cooking Light


Here are our top picks for the best tasting and most nutritious energy bars--as a meal replacer, pre- or post-workout treat, afternoon snack, or protein source.

The 7 Healthiest Energy Bars That Taste Good Too - Yahoo


Mar 12, 2015 ... Most of the energy bars on the shelf are candy bars in disguise, packed with 20- plus grams of sugar and chemical fillers. Here's what's not.

The Best Energy Bars | Prevention


An energy bar can be a healthy snack—if you choose the right one. Each of these bars contains less than 100 mg of sodium, has minimal added sugars, and ...

The Seven Best Energy Bars Made from Real Food | Eat Clean


Apr 21, 2015 ... Seven no-junk energy bars you should try for your on-the-go snack.

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Mar 7, 2013 ... Energy bars play a number of roles in an athlete's life. ... Our top picks of the best power snacks on the market—and one we'll never touch ...

The 5 best and worst nutrition bars | Well+Good


May 28, 2016 ... While nutrition bars can be part of a busy, healthy lifestyle, there are a few good reasons they're not stocked next to the kale and blueberries at ...

The Best Nutrition Bars for Weight Loss | Eat This Not That


Smart snacking on the go isn't a superpower. Just stock up on these top nutrition bar picks.

The Best of the Bars - WebMD


To help you make the best bar choices, I researched several brands of bars. ... but in a bar, it will slow digestion and make the energy from the bar last longer.

Nutrition Bars: Healthy or Hype? - WebMD


Nutrition bars have exploded onto the scene as meal replacements and 'healthy' snacks. But are they as healthy as they claim to be?

Best Energy Bars | Real Simple


Somewhere between sawdusty protein bars and sugar-packed impostors lies a healthy afternoon snack that actually tastes good.

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Take your pick. Which bar tastes great—and gives you a boost? Here, four standout energy bars that we put to the test. See how they stacked up. Best Chewy

The 7 Healthiest Energy Bars That Taste Good Too | Men's Journal


Feb 27, 2015 ... Let's face it: We eat energy bars for one reason — to get a quick and easy bit of fuel. The problem: Most of the bars on the shelf are candy bars ...

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We reveal which nutrition bars are truly healthy and which belong in the candy aisle.