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Dwarfism occurs when an individual organism is short in stature resulting from a medical condition caused by slow growth. In humans, dwarfism is sometimes defined as an adult height of less than 4 ....

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Can average-size people become the parents of children with dwarfism? ... The average height of an adult with dwarfism is 4'0, but typical heights range from 2'8 to 4'8. ... A: In some circles, a midget is the term used for a proportionate dwarf.

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To be officially classified as a "midget" (also called a dwarf), individuals must have a ... Although a height just under 5 feet is the cutoff for classification of... ... There is not a requirement for household shower heads to be a specific height, but, ...

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Apr 9, 2012 ... How short does a person have to be to be considered a dwarf? ... From a medical standpoint the term dwarf is used to refer to a mature individual whose height is below 4ft 10 ... The requirement is not being taller than 4 ft.

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1) a person far below the range of normal height. Being extremely short but otherwise in proper proportion is not a medical diagnosis; the term "midget" is not a ...

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A person with this appearance used to be known as a midget, ... Legally, there is no strict definition as to the height requirements for dwarfism.

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Although both conditions are the outcome of a genetic disorder and midgets and dwarfs can have a height less than 4 feet 10 inch, you can identify dwarfs with ...

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The words midget and dwarf both refer to people who are shorter than what is typical. The main ... They grow normally, but do not exceed 58 inches in height.

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"Little People of America (LPA) defines dwarfism as a medical or genetic condition that usually ... What is the height criteria for being a midget? 4'8". 3 people ...

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What happens when a midget, dwarf, or amputee attempts to ride a ride at an amusement park? Is the ride height requirement really just a ...

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Any adult human below the height of 4'10" (147 cm) is considered a dwarf. .... How have we become so thin-skinned and puritannical? Where is the logic that we ...

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Aug 9, 2015 ... Hongda Zeng's answer is as near as you are going to get. There was once a ... I don't think height requirement is the criterion. Of course short ...

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Jul 21, 2011 ... Your height will not affect your claim, but you could qualify due to your other .... Am I considered a midget at my height. of 4'10 in a half.