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Silent mutation


Silent mutations are mutations in DNA that do not significantly alter the ... to the rare codon can affect the timing of translation, and in turn the co-translational ...

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This page takes a very brief look at what happens if the code in DNA ... of pages about DNA, RNA and protein synthesis, starting with the structure of DNA. ... The examples which follow show some of the easier-to-understand effects of this.

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Addition and deletion mutations generally produce nonfunctional proteins or no protein product at all. They are frameshift mutations. A frameshift mutation alters the 'reading frame' of the DNA sequence and ... Other substitutions can have severe effects if the replacement of an amino ... D), causes protein synthesis to stop. 3...

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For example, somatic mutations that affect cell division (particularly those that ... to insertion of an incorrect amino acid into a protein molecule during translation; ...

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This change can affect a single nucleotide pair or larger gene segments of a ... During protein synthesis, DNA is transcribed into RNA and then translated to ...

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Some might be places where environmental chemicals might bind and affect DNA transcription and/or translation. Also, within this extra DNA, there are many ...

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Mutagens, which affect DNA, are distinct from teratogens , which influence the ... This causes protein synthesis to stop (such triplets are called stop codons ).

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Mutations can lead to changes in the structure of an encoded protein or to a ... in the sequences of RNA or protein molecules that occur during their synthesis are less ... and small deletions generally directly affect the function of only one gene.

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A mutation in a key gene may cause the cell to die if the protein coded by the ... Other mutation and recombination events have a less significant impact on the .... Not all of the errors that occur during DNA synthesis can be blamed on the ...

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Each of the three point mutations, substitution, insertion and deletion, has its own effects on the process of protein synthesis. The littlest of changes in the DNA ...

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Q: What would happen to the process of protein synthesis if theres a...
A: Let's say that UV radiation caused an alteration of the sequence of the nucleotides in the DNA. This would affect the RNA that forms off of it. This will result... Read More »
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How Can a Mutation in DNA Affect Protein Synthesis? | Science ...


A mutation is a change in a DNA sequence brought about either by a mistake made when the ... Certain types of DNA mutations can affect protein synthesis.

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Types of mutations and their impact on protein function. Today's lecture ... effects on the DNA molecule ... slowing down protein synthesis, or by affecting splicing.

DNA mutations


DNA polymerse, the enzyme responsible for the synthesis of DNA, "copies" the ... If it occurs in the coding region of a gene it may affect the protein sequence.

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Some mutations affect large sections of DNA, and others only affect certain points along ... These four amino acids must be built correctly by genetic translation.