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Feb 24, 2014 ... The largest group of chemical mutagens consists of ______ agents. ... Planar molecules used as chemical mutagens are called what?



Dec 12, 2004 ... 41) The largest group of chemical mutagens consist of _a) radiation _b) base analogs _c) nitrous acid _d) alkylating agents 42) Chemical ...

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Each nucleotide contains one phosphate group, one pentose or .... daltons (Da), some of the smallest being obligate parasites (Mycoplasma) and the largest ..... Chemicals that are carcinogenic for animals are often mutagenic for bacteria, or can ..... and creating mutations at designated locations (site-directed mutagenesis).

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Jul 27, 2015 ... Chemical mutagens: these compounds are innumerable in the environment and include, ... Base, sugar, phosphate group mutation .... of the dystrophin gene which is the largest human gene composed of 2.4 million bases.

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In order to increase the frequency of mutation in experimental organisms, researchers often treat them with high doses of chemical mutagens or expose them to ...

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example, the classical chemical mutagen N-ethyl-N-nitrosourea (ENU) can be used to .... an ethyl group to oxygen or nitrogen radicals in the DNA nitrogenous base, ..... constituting the largest functional analysis of the yeast genome ever ...

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a group of genes that are regulated in a coordinated fashion ... Why do we have three phosphate groups in DNA? ..... Largest group of chemical mutagens

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May 28, 2008 ... In fact, chemicals that cause cancer via genetic mutations were up to 65 .... The EPA also found that several non-mutagens were more ... The largest contributor to this increase was testicular and ovarian germ cell tumors [ 15 ].

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Chemical Carcinogens as Frameshift Mutagens: Salmonella DNA Sequence. Sensitive to Mutagenesis ... with reactive side groups, interpreted as proximal carcinogens, are frameshift mutagens in ..... Class 5 is the largest, with 31 revertants.

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The mutagenic activity of alkylating agents, the largest group of chemicals ... of a chemical mutagen without themselves having any mutagenic effect. - 3 - ...