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How old do you have to be to buy a Lighter in Florida - Answered by a verified ... Experience: GPHR cer BS, U.S.C. Pueblo; Immigration Law by Am. Mngmnt ... Anyone caught selling these items to a person under the age of 18 is illegal.


It is illegal to sell an aerosol paint container to persons under the age of 16. * If you are not sure ... What is the minimum legal age to buy butane lighter refills?


Legally in any store in the UK you have to be 18. But. -you can get someone else to buy you ... Are there age restrictions on buying lighters in the UK?


United Kingdom: There is no age limit, but it is the store's decision to sell it toyou. You have to be 18 to buy butane products and lighter.


Technically you can buy a lighter, regardless of age, there is no law prohibiting the sale of lighters to minors, however the shop does have the right to refuse sale  ...


I know in Canada you're "not a legal" lighter buying age if you're under 18. You aren't supposed to sell them to minors, but most convenience ...


im sure they wont increase the age to buy lighters unless they increase the age to buy cigarettes. legal drinking age would stay because ...


Advice for businesses on consumer law · Advice for consumers; Under age sales (this ... tobacco and tobacco products; alcohol; cigarette lighter refills; fireworks ... There are also age restrictions for buying certain videos, DVDs, computer and ...


Sep 13, 2007 ... ... Kansas City area, and stop at a QuikTrip to buy a lighter or matches, ... "It's totally legal for someone to sell matches and lighters to any age," ...


I just got carded trying to purchase that lighter, but my ID was out in my car. ..... Demanding ID for alcohol and cigarette purchases is an actual Law. .... was that clerks were not carding under age people buying cigarettes.