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Chow Chow dog breed is the only dog breed that has purplish lips and tongue .... have acquired a reputation as unpredictable, dangerous, and vicious."

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Oct 15, 2014 ... Is a vicious dog's behaviour down to nature, or nurture? Regardless of the breed, we can typically point to a puppy's upbring to explain ...

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May 8, 2016 ... The chihuahua is considered to be the oldest dog breed in America. ... The dachshund is listed in the small dog breed and is included in the “hound” group by the AKC. They can ...... Our neighbors have a vicious Chihuahua.

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Mar 31, 2012 ... Because chow chow is the one of the most aggressive dog breed in the ..... rap and the media decided to portray the breed as a vicious dog.

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Jun 24, 2015 ... Here are World's 10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds! Click Here To Subscribe! http:/ /bit.ly/EliteFacts Dogs are called “man's best friend” for good ...
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Apr 30, 2016 ... Scientists, experts and common dog lovers can't agree on which dog breed should be considered the most dangerous in the world. However ...

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Training and socialization is of high importance for the dog breed to make it trustful ... Huskies aren't much violent but only few reasons made them vicious which ...

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Appearance is deceptive: top most aggressive dog breeds. ... The "Cocker spaniel" is an American Cocker - different breed, which does have worse ...

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Nov 16, 2013 ... This large breed of Italian mastiff is a descendent of the dogs ... I remember a few years back when this was definitely the scariest dog around.

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Fierce, vicious and aggressive, these dogs will leave you with serious injuries. ... Like other mastiffs and bull dogs, the Gull Dong is not a noisy breed.

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Aug 1, 2013 ... It is important to note however that most dogs are bred with the desire to please their masters. Thus most incidents involving dogs stem from ...

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Almost all dogs were bred for a purpose – if they were bred to flush game ( Cockers), ... As a groomer, the worst and most vicious bites I've gotten were from two ...

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By your thought process all 'big people' would be vicious killers, while smaller people would be .... Did u know pitbulls were bred to be nanny dogs for royalty?