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Cognition is the set of all mental abilities and processes related to knowledge: ... meaning 'I know, perceive' (noun: γνώσις gnόsis 'knowledge')) m...

What are Cognitive Skills and Abilities? | SharpBrains

Dec 18, 2006 ... First of all, what is cognition? Cognition has to do with how a person understands and acts in the world. It is the set of abilities or processes that ...

Cognitive ability - definition of Cognitive ability by The Free Dictionary ability

The mental process of knowing, including aspects such as awareness, perception, reasoning, and judgment. 2. That which comes to be known, as through ...

Chapter 10: Cognitive Abilities - Cengage Learning

Cognitive ability is the capacity to perform higher mental processes of reasoning ... Intelligence, according to Sternberg's working definition, is the combination of ...

Cognitive Definition - Brain Training

To define cognitive skills, it's important to know that they include a wide variety of abilities. These abilities are necessary for analyzing sounds and images, ...

What Are Cognitive Skills in Children? - Development, Definition ...

The ability to think includes being able to reason out tasks and find solutions. This cognitive skill helps a child to know whether he's accomplishing what he set  ...

What are Cognitive Skills? - Brain Training

The following describes key cognitive skills (which are trained by LearningRx) that are critical for learning. Attention Skills: A student's ability to attend to ...

Cognitive Ability - Definition of Learning Disability Terms

Updated June 10, 2014. Definition: Cognitive ability refers to the individual's capacity to think, reason, and problem solved. Cognitive ability is measured through ...

Cognitive Ability Tests definition | Psychology Glossary | Ability Tests

Psychology definition for Cognitive Ability Tests in normal everyday language, edited by psychologists, professors and leading students. Help us get better.

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