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Distress may refer to: Look up distress in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Distress ( medicine), an ... Distress (novel), a novel by Greg Egan; Distress (film), a 1946 French film; Distress signal, an internationally recognized means for obtaining ...


Distress definition, great pain, anxiety, or sorrow; acute physical or mental suffering; affliction; trouble. See more.


distress definition, meaning, what is distress: a feeling of extreme worry, sadness, or pain: . Learn more.


Define distress: seizure and detention of the goods of another as pledge or to obtain satisfaction of a claim by the sale of… — distress in a sentence.


Define distressed: of, relating to, or experiencing economic decline or difficulty — distressed in a sentence.


See the word stress hanging out at the end of distress? There's a good reason for that. The noun distress refers to a state of severe anxiety or strain, often ...


Distress definition: Distress is a state of extreme sorrow , suffering , or pain. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.


The definition of distress is suffering or pain, or a state of being in trouble. A feeling of great sadness and despair is an example of distress. When a ship has  ...


tr.v. dis·tressed, dis·tress·ing, dis·tress·es. 1. To cause strain, anxiety, or suffering to. See Synonyms at trouble. 2. To mar or otherwise treat (an object or fabric, ...