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The word generate comes from the Latin generāre, meaning "to beget". ... A familial generation is a group of humans constituting a single step in the line of ...

familial - Dictionary Definition :

The word familial has to with all things relating to family. A familial gathering is one in which family has come together. A familial bond is a strong connection ...

Familial | Definition of familial by Merriam-Webster

of or relating to a family : suggesting a family. medical : tending to affect members of the same family. Improve your SCRABBLE game with our official Word ...

Familial | Define Familial at

Familial definition, of, relating to, or characteristic of a family: familial ties. See more.

Eras Journal - Adams, G,: Familial Relationships, Hierarchy and ...

Familial Relationships, Hierarchy and their Representation on Athenian Grave ... BCE, with at least a few family groups ignoring the social convention of this period. ... [7] This outlay could mean one of two things: either that only wealthy families ...

brief - Human Rights Watch

... Define “Private Life” to Require Consideration of Non-Familial Relationships, ... Family Unity as Defined in Article 9 of the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the ...

The Familial Gaze - Marianne Hirsch - Google Books

Such pictures tend to follow rigid conventions which seem to consolidate and ... instrument of self-knowledge and representation-the means by which family ...

Poor children | Humanium – Together for Children's Rights

Sep 26, 2011 ... A general definition of poverty is “a state of existence in which one lacks ... development across the board (intellectual, cultural, familial and social). ... and violates children's rights (as defined by the International Convention of ...

Protecting the right to respect for private and family life under the ...

Feb 13, 2012 ... virtue of the European Convention on Human Rights. ..... covered by this concept, therefore, could be defined as quasi- familial. They include:.

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