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What is the momentum of a truck with a mass of 4500 kg traveling at ...


What is the momentum of a truck with a mass of 4500 kg traveling at 25 ms? ... If a person has a mass of 60 kg and a velocity of 2 ms what is the magnitude of his ... A spaceship has a momentum of 20000 kg-ms to the left and a mass of 500 kg ...

What is the momentum of a 20 kg object traveling at a rate of 5 m s


Mass x Acceleration = Force 20 kg x 5 m/s 100 kg-m/s or 100 N. ... What is the momentum of a truck with a mass of 4500 kg traveling at 25 m/s? ... An object travels a given distance at a speed of 5 m s If the object travels the same distance at a ...

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A 1500 kg car traveling at 15.0 m/s to the south collides with a 4500 kg truck ... Here's what you know: The car has mass 1500 kg, and initial velocity 15.0 m/s.

Momentum (vector quantity)

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Jun 1, 2016 ... momentum of 900.0 kg m/s, what is his mass? The Law of ... A 3000-kg truck moving rightward with a speed of 5 .... It is bunted with a force of 6500 N for 1.30 ms. ... 1500-kg car travels east at 25 m/s. .... 3000 J and 4500 J. 38.

Chapter 6

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I ) Kinetic Energy (K.E.): Kinetic energy is the energy that a mass (an object) has .... kg car traveling at 15m/s changes its speed to 25m/s in a distance of 50.m due ... For example, when we push a heavy crate up a ramp (or incline) onto a truck, ..... 29) The power of a motor that lifts 4500N of weight to a height of 25m in 15s is  ...

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A 1200 kg car and a 2400 kg car are lifted to the same height at a constant speed in a auto service station. Lifting the more ... How far will the car skid with locked brakes if it is traveling at 120. km/hr? .... The KE of any object can be computed if the mass (m) and speed (v) are known. .... Lifting a 25 kg crate vertically 4 meters...

Momentum NRG 3


with a velocity of 25.0 m/s, The ball has a mass of 425 g. (a) Draw a'vector .... EXAMPLE 1: A 1500 kg car traveling east with a speed of 25 m/s collides at an intersection with a 2500' ... Before the collision, the momentum of the truck was.

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PROBLEM 1.3 A spacecraft's dry mass is 75,000 kg and the effective exhaust gas ... PROBLEM 1.4 A 5,000 kg spacecraft is in Earth orbit traveling at a velocity of .... into Earth orbit where its launch vehicle burns out at an altitude of 250 km.

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Does a submarine have to work harder to travel at the same speed in deeper water? ... This is a velocity question: The projectile is 25 inches long, 1/2 inch in .... as the magnitude of the force, F=√(Fx<sup>2</sup>+Fy<sup>2</sup>) for sticks of mass 1 kg, length 1 m, ..... The final angular momentum would just be moment of inertia of the earth ( all the ...

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How to find the centre of a mass of a composite body by .... travelling at 200 ms. - 1 . The barrier exerts a constant resistive force of 4500 N on the bullet. Does the ... For a motor vehicle it is the engine which produces the power .... momentum of biker = 320 × 22 = 7040 kg ms−1 .... by a force of 25 N acting for 0.84 seconds.

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What is the momentum of a truck with a mass of 4 500 kg traveling at ...


112,500 kg m/s ... A spaceship has a momentum of 20000 kg-ms to the left and a mass of 500 kg What is the magnitude of its velocity? 40 m/s. 1 person found this useful. Edit.

A car with a mass of 1,400 kg is traveling at a speed of


Immediately after the collision car A moves forward at 12 m.s-1. 1. Assume that ... Calculate the velocity, momentum, and kinetic energy of the car. ... if the car had a mass of 2050 kg and was traveling 25 miles per second, what was the car momentum? .... Car B is a truck with a mass of 2000 kg, traveling to the west at 25 m/s.

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A bullet travelling at 900 m/s has a momentum of 4.5 kg m/s. ... A 25 kg object moving with a velocity of 3.0 m/s to the right collides with a 15 kg object ..... A truck of mass 3000 kg, moving at 5.0 m/s on a level, icy road, bumps into the rear of a ...