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Learn the basics of imperative mood, subjunctive mood, and indicative mood for English grammar. ... Let's go to see a movie this weekend! ... In the subjunctive mood, the verb to be is be in the present tense and were in the past tense, ... Choose the correct sentence from the following. ... previous lesson · next lesson ...


English moods include the indicative mood, the imperative mood and the subjunctive mood. What are they ... The indicative mood is the basic mood of verbs in English. ... All these sentences were examples of the use of the subjunctive mood.


In English, mood is a little different. You don't change anything about the verb itself. Instead, you change the sentence structure to express a certain mood.


Dec 21, 2014 ... Every sentence communicates a mood. If someone is ordering you to do something, he or she is using an imperative sentence. Find out how to ...


Not sure about commas? We've got you covered. Learn the essentials about commas in English quickly.