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A star is a luminous sphere of plasma held together by its own gravity. The nearest star to Earth ... However, most of the stars in the Universe, including all stars outside our galaxy, ... and many other properties of a star by observing its motion through space, ..... Such collisions can produce what are known as blue stragglers.


Mass is the most important stellar property. This is because a star's life is a continuous fight against gravity, and gravity is directly related to mass. The more  ...


This is not a fundamental property, but a combination of the luminosity and distance to a star (and in ... Determining distances to stars is how we figure out the scale of things in the Galaxy and is CRUCIAL ... What are the stellar Constellations?


Mar 13, 2013 ... Which of these stars will end its main sequence lifetime most rapidly? .... What is the most important property of a star that determines how it will ...


This is one of the most important, and interesting, problems in astronomy. ... That means stars can have only certain combinations of these two properties. ... deduce that Red Giants and White Dwarfs are what stars become as they grow older.


stars (such as Mass) rather than seeing stars at ... What two basic physical properties do astronomers use to ... What is the most important property of a star?


The most important factor affecting a star's main-sequence lifetime is: ... of stars is a good indicator of which of the following properties of the cluster? ... What would happen if red giant stars didn't shed part of their mass into interstellar space?


How are stars classified into spectral types? • What determines a star's spectral type? 16.4 Stellar Masses. • What is the most important property of a star?


Mass – The single most important property that determines other properties of the star. Luminosity ... What can we measure directly? The Easy ... The apparent brightness of a star is related to its luminosity and distance by the formula: The total ...