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Commensalism - Wikipedia


Commensalism, in ecology, is a class of relationships between two organisms where one ... The word "commensalism" is derived from the word "commensal", meaning ... in which the a...

What is the name for a disturbance that does not hurt the ecosystem


Secondary disturbance ... Secondary disturbance. ... What is the name for a disturbance that harms some organism but does not hurt the ecosystem? secondary ...

Environmental impacts of coal - SourceWatch


Radical disturbance of 8.4 million acres of farmland, rangeland, and forests, ... Not all of these effects can be adequately addressed through coal mine reclamation. ... impacts organisms by decreasing oxygen supply, and affecting ecosystem .... Some regulators have used the Clean Water Act to try and limit pollution, but the ...

Disturbance - National Wildlife Federation


The results of a disturbance can be short-lived or long-term. Sometimes it takes a few months for an ecosystem to bounce back and other times it can take ...

Human impacts on marine environments | Sciencelearn Hub


Oct 8, 2009 ... However, it's not only our activities in the marine environment that affect ... can cause widespread damage to marine habitats and organisms living ... Some marine pollution may be accidental, for example, oil spills ... It is difficult to predict the overall impact on the marine ecosystem but many scientists fear ...

The Growing Problem of Kudzu - Issues


High amounts of nitrogen in soil can be harmful to certain types of plants, which ... This does not include the crop damage caused by diseases carried by kudzu. ... Also not estimated but still significant is the value of private property that is lost to kudzu, since ... Respect to article author , some wonderful selective information .

Invasive Species - US Forest Service


Apr 29, 2015 ... A species is invasive when it is both nonnative to the ecosystem in which it is ... In addition to their negative effects, some invasive species may have positive traits. ... Simply being nonnative in an ecosystem does not mean that a species ... It also is possible for a species to be invasive in one ecosystem, but ...

What are Harmful Algae? - IOC HAB Programme


Proliferations of microalgae in marine or brackish waters can cause massive fish kills, ... with toxins, and alter ecosystems in ways that humans perceive as harmful. ... of organisms: the toxin producers, which can contaminate seafood or kill fish, ... Shellfish and in some cases finfish are often not visibly affected by the algae, ...

What Are the Impacts of Humans on Grassland Biomes? - Synonym


Grassland biomes are the home to many different types of organisms. ... Not only does the conversion of land into crops change the ecosystem, but so does the farming of livestock. If livestock ... National parks have been developed around grasslands, and some ... Three Examples of Environmental Disturbances in Biomes ...

The Threats of Overfishing: Consequences at the Commercial Level


Mar 11, 2012 ... In the long-term, overfishing can have a devastating impact on ocean ... Therefore, overfishing does not only threaten the species of fish that is targeted ... Bycatch is not just limited to just unwanted fish, but rather affects all types of ... As such, these practices can wreak havoc on delicate marine ecosystems.

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Grasslands Threats, Wetlands Threats - National Geographic


Learn about what threatens Grasslands, and what you can do to help. ... Grasslands in different regions have different names: Africa has savannas; Asia ... But poor agricultural practices can ruin soil and turn grassland into lifeless, ... If crops are not rotated properly, nutrients in the soil are stripped out, and nothing can be ...

Status of and Threat to Coral Reefs | International Coral Reef Initiative


Some coral reefs are covered with sand, rock and concrete to make cheap land ... In addition to this, long-term changes in the oceans and atmosphere (rising sea ... over fishing of not only deep-water commercial fish, but key reef species as well. ... These practices generally do not select or target particular fish species and ...

Science 10 Biology Definitions Flashcards | Quizlet


The term used to describe predator-prey interactions in which one organism (the ... All members of a particular species within an ecosystem .... that are toxic to orgnaisms at low concentrations; they do not degrade and cannot be destroyed ... The reintroduction of life after a disturbance to an area that already has soil and ...