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Habitat fragmentation


Habitat fragmentation describes the emergence of discontinuities (fragmentation) in an organism's preferred environment (habitat), causing population fragmentation and ecosystem decay. Habitat f...

What is the name for a disturbance that does not hurt the ecosystem


Secondary disturbance ... Secondary disturbance. ... What is the name for a disturbance that harms some organism but does not hurt the ecosystem? secondary ...

Ecology: Organisms and Their Environments Terms - Shmoop


Pregnant women are advised not to eat certain kinds of fish because of the ... one organism benefits from the relationship, and the other receives no harm or benefit . ... part of the ecosystem, which can contain one or more communities of organisms. ... A term describing all the living and nonliving things in a certain location.

Invasive Species - US Forest Service


Apr 29, 2015 ... A species is invasive when it is both nonnative to the ecosystem in which it is found and capable of causing environmental, economic, or human harm. ... In addition to their negative effects, some invasive species may have positive traits. ... Simply being nonnative in an ecosystem does not mean that a ...

Chapter 25: Community Ecology


two species can occupy the same niche indefinitely without ... Some organisms use others, neither hurting or ... Disturbances can disrupt ... Each organism in an ecosystem confronts the challenge of .... coexist on a long-term basis, either resources must not be ..... these plants without harm, often as their exclusive food.

FAQs - Invasive Species - U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service


Nov 20, 2012 ... This causes harm to the native species in that ecosystem because they ... A less diverse ecosystem is more susceptible to further disturbances such .... Invasive species, however, are exotic organisms that have gone ... There are some benefits to all species - but invasive species do more harm than good.

Environmental Impacts of Mountain Biking: Science Review and ...


The ecological impacts of such compositional changes are not fully known, except ... Trail managers can either avoid or minimize impacts to vegetation through ... and soil disturbance but sloping topography above and below the trail bench will ..... Sedimentation can also hurt invertebrate organisms, which serve as food for ...

Impacts on Biodiversity - Quebec Biodiversity


It is not always easy to pin the blame for deterioration of natural ecosystems on any ... sport fishing, has decimated indigenous populations of aquatic organisms. ... loss of biodiversity and marine pollution do not respect political boundaries and ... not only affects species, but also affects the processes that drive biodiversity.

Status of and Threat to Coral Reefs | International Coral Reef Initiative


The majority of reef loss or damage is not deliberate. ... In addition to this, long- term changes in the oceans and atmosphere (rising sea ... fishing of not only deep-water commercial fish, but key reef species as well. Overfishing of certain species near coral reefs can easily affect the reef's ecological balance and biodiversity...

bioluminescence - National Geographic Society


Jun 13, 2013 ... In a chemical reaction, luciferin is called the substrate. ... Some bioluminescent organisms do not synthesize luciferin. ... Biologists identified a new bioluminescent dinoflagellate ecosystem in the Humacao Natural ... Photoproteins combine with luciferins and oxygen, but need another agent, often an ion of ...

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Disturbance - National Wildlife Federation


Natural disturbances -- like fire, wind, and floods -- are important to the ... Insect Swarms; Volcanic Activity; Drought; Long term Freezing; Earthquake ... It could take days or decades, but eventually, the ecosystem will recover. ... Many ecosystems that we depend on are not given enough time to adapt to the new conditions.

Grasslands Issues - Grasslands Conservation Council


Grassland ecosystems are more endangered than coastal old growth forests. ... Some types of disturbance can be predicted, such as annual flooding of riparian ... Some of their activities may have caused heavy, localised disturbances, but they .... The reasons why trees are encroaching on the grasslands in this way are not ...

Human impacts on marine environments | Sciencelearn Hub


Oct 8, 2009 ... However, it's not only our activities in the marine environment that affect ... can cause widespread damage to marine habitats and organisms living ... Some marine pollution may be accidental, for example, oil spills ... It is difficult to predict the overall impact on the marine ecosystem but many scientists fear ...