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Biological interactions are the effects that the organisms in a community have on one another. ... In Ecology, biological interactions can involve individuals of the same species ... This is particu...

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Aug 30, 2012 ... Some areas were effectively sterilized, but in other areas organisms ... in marine ecosystems are not well understood, the recovery of these .... In marine systems, spores of green algae and even some floating but fertile plants can ..... analyzing situations in which parties, called players, make decisions that .....

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Oct 8, 2009 ... However, it's not only our activities in the marine environment that affect ... can cause widespread damage to marine habitats and organisms living ... Some marine pollution may be accidental, for example, oil spills ... It is difficult to predict the overall impact on the marine ecosystem but many scientists fear ...

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Some coral reefs are covered with sand, rock and concrete to make cheap land ... in over fishing of not only deep-water commercial fish, but key reef species as well. Overfishing of certain species near coral reefs can easily affect the reef's ... These practices generally do not select or target particular fish species and often  ...

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Learn about what threatens Grasslands, and what you can do to help. ... Grasslands in different regions have different names: Africa has savannas; Asia ... But poor agricultural practices can ruin soil and turn grassland into lifeless, ... If crops are not rotated properly, nutrients in the soil are stripped out, and nothing can be ...

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Secondary Succession .... What is the name for a disturbance that harms some organism but does not hurt the ecosystem? secondary disturbance. 2 people ...

Wetland Disturbance and Impact


This increased accumulation of sediment can alter the chemical and ... Other human acitivities which can have lasting effects on wetland ecosystems include stream ... Most traditional uses of wetlands do not impose permanent impacts, with the ... parts of some port cities, parts of deltas, and the bay sides of barrier islands.

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Therefore, we do not realize that protecting the night sky is a valuable step to conserving ... Most people think that, as we sleep at night, the rest of the species do the ... light that not only interferes with our night vision and our own health, but also ... creation of a never-occurring night is having some real effects on the ani...

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But did you know that seascapes can also glow and glitter thanks to the light ... Humans primarily see bioluminescence triggered by a physical disturbance, such as ... Some organisms even bundle the luciferin with oxygen in what is called a ... Moreover, because it's not present, many deep-water animals have lost the ...

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High amounts of nitrogen in soil can be harmful to certain types of plants, which ... This does not include the crop damage caused by diseases carried by kudzu. ... Also not estimated but still significant is the value of private property that is lost to kudzu, since ... Respect to article author , some wonderful selective information .

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A harmful interaction between two or more organisms that can occur when ... The term used to describe predator-prey interactions in which one organism ... All members of a particular species within an ecosystem. .... The process in which chemicals not only accumulate but become more concentrated at each trophic level.

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Fire is one of the many natural disturbances that effect ecosystems every year. What is a Natural ... The results of a disturbance can be short-lived or long-term.

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It is difficult to find any large areas of grasslands that have not been disturbed at all. Grassland ecosystems are more endangered than coastal old growth forests. ... Some types of disturbance can be predicted, such as annual flooding of ... But, many different types of human disturbances have both reduced the area of ...