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List of oldest trees

This is a list of the oldest known trees, as reported in reliable sources. Definitions of what constitutes an individual tree vary. In addition, tree ages are derived ...

Methuselah | The world's 10 oldest living trees | MNN - Mother ...

Apr 7, 2010 ... At 4841 years old, this ancient bristlecone pine is the oldest known non-clonal ... Bristlecone pine tree, Great Basin National Park, Nevada.

6 of the Oldest Trees in the World | Mental Floss

Apr 26, 2014 ... Known as “The Senator,” this majestic, 118-foot tall tree was one of the oldest organisms in the world. Over the course of its long life, it survived ...

What Is the Oldest Tree in the World | Worlds Oldest Tree

Apr 29, 2013 ... Until 2013, the oldest individual tree in the world was Methuselah, a 4,845-year- old Great Basin bristlecone pine (Pinus longaeva) in the White ...

Oldest Living Tree Found in Sweden - National Geographic News

A 9550-year-old "Christmas tree" discovered on a Swedish mountain is the planet's most ancient known living plant, according to scientists.

World's oldest tree that sprouted from the ground soon after the last ...

Jan 24, 2014 ... Growing old: The 9,500-year-old Norwegian Spruce is believed to be the world's oldest tree, and grows on a mountain in central Sweden.

A remarkable, 14-year photo project documents the world's oldest ...

Jan 9, 2015 ... Some of the world's oldest trees are tucked away on untouched mountainsides, isolated lands, and private islands. And for 14 years, ...

World's Oldest Living Tree -- 9550 years old -- Discovered In ...

Apr 16, 2008 ... The world's oldest recorded tree is a 9550 year old spruce in the Dalarna province of Sweden. The spruce tree has shown to be a tenacious ...

The Oldest Trees on the Planet | WIRED

Mar 17, 2010 ... Wired Classic: This gallery of the oldest trees on Earth from March 2010 is one of Wired's most popular of all time. Is the Oldest Tree?&v=2Zf6LE0HcFo
Jun 6, 2013 ... Ancient trees are fascinating, but the answer to the question in the title isn't as cut and dried as it might first seem. There are two major ...
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Q: What is the oldest tree
A: Earth's oldest living tree "Methuselah", an ancient Bristlecone Pine in CA. It is 4,768 years old! Read More »
Q: What is the oldest tree?
A: Old Tjikko is a Norway spruce and, at 9,550 years old, the world's oldest known individual vegetatively cloned tree. It stands 5 metres (16 ft) tall and is loca... Read More »
Q: What is the oldest tree alive?
A: The oldest living tree found in Sweden which is called "Christmas tree" Its root Read More »
Q: What is the oldest tree in amarica?
A: Earth's oldest living inhabitant a tree by the name of "Methuselah" has reached th... Read More »
Q: What is the oldest tree in earth?
A: 253 years old you wouldnt be alive when the tree dies. Read More »