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A volcanic crater is a roughly circular depression in the ground caused by volcanic activity. ... In most volcanoes, the crater is situated at the top of a mountain formed from the erupted volcanic ...

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The opening at the top of a volcano is called a vent and is where lava flows from erupting volcanoes. Volcanic vents usually sit inside craters, which are circular ...

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A volcanic vent. There may also be a crater (a concave depression or pit). This is known as a volcanic vent. It may sit at the base of a volcanic crater. Please see ...

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1 Answer - Posted in topics: volcano, bowl, shaped, volcanoes - Answer: At the time of a volcanic eruption, this bowl shape would lead right the ...



A Volcano is an opening in the earth surface through which lava, hot gases, ... an opening called the central vent Most magma and other volcanic materials ... After the eruption stops, a bowl like crater generally forms at the top of the volcano.

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Crust - The top layer, which we know the most about because it's where we live, is called the crust. Some parts of the crust are covered by land (the continents, ...

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The gas and melted rock blast out an opening called the central vent. The erupted ... A bowl-like crater generally forms at the top of the volcano. The vent lies at ...

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When the magma reaches the surface of the Earth it is then called lava. The lava ... The crater is the bowl shaped opening located at the top of the volcano.

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Oct 31, 2014 ... A volcanic vent called a fumarole opened suddenly in a cornfield. ... volcanic eruptions piles up around the volcanic vent, or opening in Earth's ... Most volcanic cones have one volcanic crater, or central depression, at the top.

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What two things burst through an opening in the top of the volcano. 6. What is a thick liquid that flows out of the volcanoes called? 7. How can lava affect rocks. 8.

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The top of a volcano is called the crater. A volcano is shaped like an inverted cone, and the tip of the cone is the crater. The crater is the opening of the vent in a ...

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At the top of the volcano, at its highest point, is a crater. Some volcanoes have something called a caldera. A caldera forms when a volcano gets hollow and then ...



A volcano is a mountain or hill formed around a crack in the earth's crust. This crack ... The opening in the top of the volcano is called a crater. Some craters are  ...