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Motor vehicle theft or, grand theft auto, is the criminal act of stealing or attempting to steal a car ... This may be treated differently, depending on the jurisdiction's laws, and the owner ma...

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Grand theft auto, or stealing an automobile or other vehicle, is a felony in most states, and may be punished by imprisonment.

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California Penal Code Section 487 — California's law on Grand Theft Auto defines “grand theft auto” as the intentional taking away of a motor vehicle that ...

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But there is nothing fun and games about the California crime of vehicle theft...or the steep penalties that may be imposed for violating California's auto theft laws ...

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4 days ago ... Learn more about: Grand Theft Laws. ... embezzlement. Grand theft auto is a separate crime that specifically involves the theft of an automobile.

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Felony charges are more serious and typically result in fines, restitution, and jail time. Other categories of theft, such as grand theft auto, may also have separate ...

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Grand theft auto is a specific type of felony involving the theft of motor vehicles. The illegal act may also be charged as “motor vehicle theft.”

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Vehicle theft is a serious crime with serious penalties, and depending on the intent laws in the state where a defendant is charged and the circumstances of the ...

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... in excess of $1,000,. the offender commits grand theft in the first degree, punishable as a felony of the first degree, as provided in s. 775.082, s. 775.083, or s.

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Oct 2, 2013 ... Motor vehicle or auto theft is the criminal act of stealing or attempting to steal a motor vehicle. Penalties can be significant.

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Under California's laws, grand theft auto is the taking of an automobile belonging to another with the intent to permanently deprive the owner of the vehicle. (Cal.

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Grand theft auto, also referred to as “GTA,” vehicle theft and / or just auto theft, is the unauthorized taking of another's car with the intent to permanently deprive ...

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Theft of an automobile, which is commonly known as grand theft auto, occurs when you take, ... Grand theft auto is typically charged as a felony in most states.