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Planking (fad)


Planking is an activity consisting of lying face down—sometimes in an unusual or incongruous location. Both hands must touch the sides of the body.

5 Benefits of Doing Planks - Mercola.com


Dec 5, 2014 ... Here are some health benefits you can get from adding planking ... Warm up by rocking the ball back and forth getting to the point where ...

What Are the 4 Main Benefits of the Plank Exercise? - Livestrong.com


Jun 13, 2016 ... There's a good reason trainers cite planks as one of the best exercises. ... From a practical point of view, good posture helps keep the vertebrae ...

Planking: Why do people do it? - The Washington Post


May 25, 2011 ... Planking is a popular game that involves lying face down stiff as a board in unusual, and sometimes dangerous, locations and uploading the ...

Who, What, Why: What is planking? - BBC News - BBC.com


May 16, 2011 ... The phenomenon of planking involves lying face down in a public place ... Friends then took it to Melbourne, at which point Weckert decided to ...

Club Fitness: Why I Plank? The Benefits of Planking


Feb 22, 2012 ... When I was first introduced to planks 5 years ago, I couldn't help but ... Keep your back flat — don't drop it or you'll be defeating the purpose.

Don't Be a Planker: Why I Stopped Giving Clients the Plank | The ...


Mar 19, 2015 ... If you want to get the isometric benefits of planking, with SO many other ... The Forward Ball Roll allows you to manipulate the point of load into ...

Urban Dictionary: planking


The art of planking is to lay horizontally across any object or the ground with their arms ... To plank you must lay horizontally straighten your body and point your ...

4 Things You Should Know About Planks - Health News and Views ...


Feb 28, 2014 ... Planks have exploded as one of the greatest core workout moves, and for good reason—they're killer for your abs while also working the rest of ...

Plank Exercise Benefits - Weak Back Builder


You are probably wondering what the craze is all about regarding this great exercise. Well in this post, I'm going to outline all the benefits the exercise provides ...

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7 Things That Will Happen When You Start Doing Planks Every Day


Then explore the health benefits of doing planks every day! ... muscle group cannot be underestimated either, for all of these groups serve their own purpose.

What is the point of "planking?"? | Yahoo Answers


Jun 6, 2011 ... Best Answer: This was a new one to me too, until I read of that boy getting killed planking on a balcony ledge and falling several floors to his ...

Should you try a 30-day plank challenge? | Fox News


Feb 14, 2014 ... When done with correct alignment, planks are a smart addition to any workout to strengthen deep core muscles, arms, shoulders, neck, back, ...