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This does not imply that the purpose of Art is "vague", but that it has had many unique, different reasons for being created. Some of ...

Art: whether you love it or hate it, the purpose is to elicit a response ...


Oct 8, 2009 ... To ask what art is good for is not exactly the same as asking what its purpose is. Art does not have to have a purpose - it does not exist in order ...

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Communication. Art is an attempt to communicate something, pure and simply. If we're talking visual art, then it's an attempt to communicate something ...

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Mar 10, 2013 ... A simple response is that the purpose of art is to give pleasure, and this is partly right. Indeed we can stand in front of a grand master's painting ...

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The Purpose of Art is Washing the Dust of Daily Life off our Souls. - Pablo Picasso.

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In this article a working artist explains his thoughts on what makes something art, whether it has a purpose, and why people paint.

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What is the role of the artist today? What purpose do the arts serve nowadays? Over the centuries, artists have had a lot of different roles. While the roles have all  ...

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We will begin with the Fine Arts, and will consider; The Purposes of Art; Evolution of the Idea of Art; The Nature of Change In the Fine Arts; The Development of ...

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Art serves many different functions, which are typically divided into personal, physical and social functions, explains About.com. Art benefits individuals and ...

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Aug 2, 2016 ... The purpose of art is not to produce a product. ... The secret is not the mechanics or technical skill that create art – but the process of ...