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Social purpose corporation - Wikipedia


A social purpose corporation (SPC) is a type of for-profit entity in some U.S. states that enables corporations to consider social or environmental issues in ...

What is the real purpose of corporations? - Canadian Business


Jan 21, 2015 ... Does a corporation only exist to enrich its shareholders? Or does it have other obligations to its employees and broader community?

The Purpose Project - The Aspen Institute


Yet the current narrative of the business corporation tells a different story; corporations have the sole purpose of maximizing profits for shareholders. Aspen BSP ...

The Purpose of the Corporation in Business and Law School Curricula


Jul 19, 2011 ... Moreover, how society views the purpose of the corporation has significant implications not only for business, but also for the perceived ...

Is The Goal Of A Corporation To Make Money? - Forbes


Sep 26, 2011 ... For many people, it seems as though the idea that the goal of corporation is to make money is one of the immutable truths of the universe.

What Is a Public Purpose Corporation?


The general definition of a public purpose corporation or public benefit corporation, is a corporation chartered by the state, usually formed to perform a ...

The Sole Purpose of Corporations - Profit - Ariel Computing


My central argument (in a nutshell) is that right or wrong do not enter the equation . The purpose of a corporation is to maximise shareholder value - nothing else ...

Is the Only Purpose of a Corporation to Maximize Profit? by Bruce ...


May 4, 2015 ... Historically, corporations were expected to serve some public purpose as justification for the benefits and privileges they receive from the state.

The Purpose of the Corporation | Environmental Law Service


Sep 27, 2016 ... We are at a moment in history when we need our corporate businesses more than ever to help us cope with the unprecedented challenges ...

The Purpose of the Corporation Project - Frank Bold


Corporate Purpose and the Question of Trust. In earlier times corporations were not just about profit per se. They were often established to undertake such public  ...

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The Purpose of the Corporation Project - Purpose of the corporation


A multistakeholder initiative on the future of public companies, bringing together business, civil society, academia and policymakers. Coordinated by the public ...

Is The Only Purpose of a Corporation to Maximize Profit? - The Big ...


May 13, 2015 ... Today, it is widely believed that corporations exist for the sole purpose of making a profit. Corporate executives who believe corporations have ...

Steve Jobs and the Purpose of the Corporation


Oct 12, 2011 ... In the torrent of commentary following Steve Jobs' death, few have noted that his career and his company say something profound in the ...