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Flexible purpose corporation


A flexible purpose corporation is a class of corporation in California lacking a profit motive when pursuing a social benefit defined in its charter. A flexible ...

What is the real purpose of corporations? - Canadian Business


Jan 21, 2015 ... Does a corporation only exist to enrich its shareholders? Or does it have other obligations to its employees and broader community?

The Purpose of the Corporation Project - Purpose of the corporation


A multistakeholder initiative on the future of public companies, bringing together business, civil society, academia and policymakers. Coordinated by the public ...

What is corporate purpose? definition and meaning


Definition of corporate purpose: General objectives of a firm, as listed in its articles of incorporation or memorandum of association. See also mission statement.

Why Do Corporations Need A Single Purpose?


May 29, 2012 ... The idea that corporations need a single purpose is based not in law, but in ... and executives are running firms, corporate “agents” will run amok.

Purpose of Corporate Bylaws | Chron.com


The corporate bylaws should include a statement of the company's purpose. A written statement of purpose allows current and future managers, officers and ...

The Sole Purpose of Corporations - Profit


My central argument (in a nutshell) is that right or wrong do not enter the equation . The purpose of a corporation is to maximise shareholder value - nothing else ...

The Purpose of the Corporation | BeCause


This is an excellent short piece framing the big argument. Are companies about shareholder value or are they about customer value. if we can move capitalism ...

What Is a Public Purpose Corporation? - Small Business Law


The general definition of a public purpose corporation or public benefit corporation, is a corporation chartered by the state, usually formed to perform a ...

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The Purpose Project | The Aspen Institute


Most commentary on corporate purpose and corporate governance is couched in narrow assumptions about what corporate executives and investors believe.

The Purpose of the Corporation in Business and Law School Curricula


Jul 19, 2011 ... Moreover, how society views the purpose of the corporation has significant implications not only for business, but also for the perceived ...

Steve Jobs and the Purpose of the Corporation


Oct 12, 2011 ... In the torrent of commentary following Steve Jobs' death, few have noted that his career and his company say something profound in the ...