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Recto and verso


The terms recto and verso refer to the text written on the "front" and "back" sides of a leaf of paper in a bound item such as a codex, book, broadsheet, or pamphlet. The terms a...

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Dec 8, 2015 ... These two pages together are called a spread. Each section of your book should start on a right-hand page. The title page is always a ...

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What are the right hand pages of a book called? They are called the 'Recto' of the book and so the 'Verso' would be left handed page. 2 people found this useful.

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The front or face of a single sheet of paper, or the right-hand page of an open book is called the recto. The back or underside of a single sheet of paper, or the ...

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Apr 28, 2009 ... The leaf bearing the title page is commonly called the ?title page? ... The right- hand page of a book, usually bearing an odd page number. 2.

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The page styled "first page" always starts on the right hand side. ... number field should be associated with the book title, and the right field associated with the chapter title. ... It's called "Export automatically inserted pages.

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bru, the page you're talking about is part of what is called an endsheet structure. There are ... A book would have had as many "chapters" as folded sheets. An the top of a folded sheet is always a right-hand page. posted by ...

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Jul 29, 2011 ... Word insists on starting any new document on a left hand page in a two page layout. ... that Chapter 1 of your book always appears on a right hand page. ... book I co-author - a romantic technothriller called 'A Vested Interest'.


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The outside of the book will also have the title, author, and usually a colorful picture. ... The Title Page is at the beginning of a book, usually on the second or third right-hand page. The Title Page ... Sometimes it is called the Copyright Page .

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The right angles on the unbound edges of the front and back covers of a hardcover book. ..... The right-hand page of a book, more commonly called the Recto .

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A left-hand page of a book or the reverse side of a leaf, as opposed to the recto. 2 . The back of a coin or ... Also called: reverso the left-hand pages of a book, bearing the even numbers. Compare recto ... recto - right-hand page. 2. verso - the ...

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A right-hand page of a book or the front side of a leaf, on the other side of the ... the issue of territorial dispute with China in offering to investors the so-called ...

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Sep 29, 2009 ... Half title—Also called the Bastard title, this page contains only the title of the ... This page and its verso (the back, or left-hand reverse of the page) are ... half the chapters (or parts) will generate a blank right hand page, and the ...