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What does the Bible say about the role of evangelism/outreach pastor?


Answer: The role of the pastor who specializes in evangelism and/or outreach varies widely from church to church. The person who engages in evangelism and  ...

What is the role of the evangelist (preacher) in the congregation ...


May 18, 1999 ... The role of the evangelist is explained by the title. "Evangelist," means literally " proclaimer of Good News." The preacher proclaims the good ...

The Work of an Evangelist - Church of Christ


There are many Scriptures which show that a preacher (or evangelist) has specific qualifications, and has a specific function in the local church. Not all the men ...

3 Key Roles in Evangelism - ChurchLeaders.com


Larry Moyer dissects the three roles involved in evangelism: the believer, the non -believer, and God.

Sermons From Second Timothy - The Work Of An Evangelist (4:5)


The function of an "evangelist" is a gift from Christ to His church... a. Given along with the functions of apostle, prophet, pastor, teacher - Ep 4:8,11 b. Contributing ...



Jan 1, 1991 ... The work of an Evangelist isn't as easy to define as the work of an ... of a group may perceive the Evangelist performing a different function, ...

10 Roles of a Church Evangelism Committee - EvangelismCoach.org


Aug 1, 2011 ... What role does a church evangelism committee play in the evangelism ministry of the local church?

The Responsibilities of the Church: Evangelism, Part 1 - Grace to You


Apr 20, 1997 ... This is the great evangelistic commission that was given to the disciples and ... This signals the primary function of the church in the world.

The Evangelist - Evangelist Paul Mershon


One would be hard-pressed to find any such thing in the Word of God as a " musical evangelist.” According to Scripture, there is no mistaking what the role of the ...

Evangelists and Preachers - In Search of Truth


Introduction. Often the first representative a person may meet from a church is the evangelist. A person who serves as an evangelists plays a vital role in ...

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The Evangelist: Winning the Lost - Reviving the Church


Defiintion of the Evangelist. A number of issues need to be dealt with to understand the biblical role of an evangelist. Three Greek words undergird the concept ...

The office and calling of the evangelist - Facilitators Guide.pdf


recover the legitimacy and importance of the gift of the. Evangelist.” Perhaps it is because the world church is not sure what evangelism is. AN EVANGELIST. 1.

Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, Teachers: Understanding ...


Oct 12, 2012 ... They discuss the function of spiritual gifts within the life of the .... lives that fulfills the function of apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor and teacher.