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Sovereign of the State of the Vatican City. Coat of arms of the Vatican City.svg. Coat of Arms of the Vatican. Incumbent, Francis.

The Role of the Pope - Authority in the Catholic Church


The Pope's Role in the Church. Popes should reflect Jesus' love for people Jesus Christ appointed Peter and his successors as shepherds, that is: persons ...

The Pope: His Role in the Roman Catholic, Christian Church


This leaflet explores the role of the Pope in the Roman Catholic Church.

St. James Catholic Church - What is the role of the pope in the ...


The word "pope" originally came from a word meaning father. This was used to describe the spiritual leader of the Church. The pope's position and role can best  ...

The Catholic Pope: His Job and How He's Elected - For Dummies


Known worldwide and to Catholics as the pope, the bishop of Rome is the supreme and visible head of the Catholic Church. The pope has a slew of other titles, ...



In both the Vatican plays an important. role in international political life. The Pope , in his primary role, is the spiritual head of the Roman Catholic Church with its ...

What is the role of the pope? - Ask.com


The pope is the spiritual leader of the Catholic Church and the Bishop of Rome. He presides over a congregation of over a billion people around the...

Homily-What is a Pope and what does he do? / 1 – 10 / FAQ on Faith ...


What is an Archbishop and what is his role? ... The Pope represents God our Father in a special way, because like a good parent he guards the truth of the ...

What Does the Pope Do, Anyway? | Papal Duties & Responsibilities


Mar 13, 2013 ... The broad job description for the role of pope is the head of the Catholic Church and the Bishop of Rome. The pope is also the head of the ...

The Papacy of the Catholic Church - Catholicism - About.com


The papacy is the term for the office and the authority of the pope of Rome, the ... over time, as the Church has come to recognize the importance of the role. Ads.

Popular Q&A
Q: What is the role of the pope?
A: It is clearly spelled out in the Bible - to exercise the authority of the Lord during His physical absence, as symbolized by the keys to the kingdom. The people... Read More »
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Q: What's the role of the Pope?
A: More powerful than a Locomotive. He is the Chairman of the Board of the Cardinals. He is the elected representative of the descendants of Peter who went to Rome... Read More »
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Q: What is the role of the pope?
A: Answer The pope is regarded as successor to St Peter. Being one of the apostles, Peter was subject to the same privileges and obligations as the other apostles.... Read More »
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Q: What is the role of a pope?
A: The pope is basically a religious leader and he conducts religious ceremonies. Read More »
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Q: What is the role of the Pope?
A: The Pope's role, is to guide the community of Christ's faithful, to safeguard them in th... Read More »
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