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The tipped wage is base wage paid to an employee that receives a substantial portion of their compensation from tips. According to a common labor law provision referred to as a “tip credit”, the employee must earn at least the state's minimum wage when tips and wages are combined or the ... Hawaii, which has the highest-paid waiters and waitresses in the country ...


As of Mar 2017, the average pay for a Waiter/Waitress is $5.09/hr or $23451 annually.


Apr 9, 2017 ... Waiter Salary: $20160 (average). What does a Waiter earn in your area? 3788 Waiter Salaries from anonymous employees.


States and areas with the highest published employment, location quotients, and wages for this occupation are provided. For a list of all areas with employment ...


Dec 28, 2011 ... According to SimplyHired.com, the average salary for a waiter in Houston is $49,000 a year, and some can make a lot more than that.


I guess I'm being taxed on both my tips and hourly pay ... it just seems like ..... Can an employer legally pay a waitress tips only No hourly pay??


May 14, 2014 ... Explain how you made $100,000 as a waitress? How much was your actual salary? My actual salary was $10 an hour. The rest is tips. I would ...


Salary information and advice for waiter and waitress at US News Best Jobs.


Feb 18, 2015 ... Gratuities, often paid in cash, are hard to track. A new report sheds light on an estimated $11 billion of annual unreported income.


Compare your salary with the national and state salaries for Waiters and Waitresses. Make more money as a Waiter or Waitress. Find out how much a Waiter or ...