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Binomial name. Canis lupus. Linnaeus, 1758 · Subspecies. Numerous and disputed, see Subspecies of Canis lupus · Wolf distr.gif. Historical (red) and modern (green) range of wild subspe...

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There are two widely recognized species of wolves in the world, the red and the gray. However, there. ... Therefore, the gray wolf's scientific name is Canis lupus.

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Scientific Name: Canis lupus. Species Authority: Linnaeus, 1758. Infra-specific Taxa Assessed: See Canis lupus ssp. dingo. Regional Assessments:.

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Wolf Classification, Information and Pictures of wolves. Wolf games, stories and facts.

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big game (large game): term used to designate larger species that are hunted. Examples: bear, moose, deer ... Canis rufus: the scientific name for the red wolf.

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gray wolf pic. Scientific Name: Canis lupus. Kingdom: Animalia. Phylum: Chordata. Class: Mammalia. Order:Carnivora. Family:Canidae. Distribution: Originally ...

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Wolf Spider - The Wolf Spider female is a good caretaker of her young; something not usually expected with arachnids.

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Canis comes from the Latin word for dog, while lupus is the Latin word for wolf. Familiaris means familiar or friendly, so the dog's scientific name can be loosely ...

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ADOLPHA: Feminine form of Latin Adolphus, meaning "noble wolf." AGWANG: African Luo name meaning "wolf." DACIANA: Romanian name derived from ...

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Jan 30, 2011 ... Name, Meaning, Origin. Accalia, she-wolf, Latin. Adalwolf, noble wolf, German. Adalwolfa, noble she-wolf, German. Adoff, variant of Adolph; ...