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The Moon is exceptionally large relative to Earth: a quarter its ... It is the largest moon in the Solar System relative to the size of its ...

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Oct 19, 2012 ... The moon is a bit more than one-fourth (27 percent) the size of Earth, a much smaller ratio (1:4) than any other planets and their moons. Earth's ...

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Feb 14, 2013 ... It was difficult for me to fathom the size of the moon, thus inspiring the creation of this map. For me, this map puts the scale of the moon much ...

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There are so many ways to measure the size of the Moon: diameter, volume, surface area, and mass. Let's look at how big the Moon is in every possible way.

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Jun 26, 2013 ... The sun and moon appear the same size in Earth's sky because the sun's diameter is about 400 times greater - but the sun is also about 400 ...

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Feb 14, 2013 ... This is a picture created by Redditor boredboarder8 of the moon with a to-scale United States superimposed over it to give you a concept of its ...

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Jul 18, 2015 ... It is impossible for the human eye to get a direct measurement of the size of the Moon, the Sun, or any other celestial body. The main reason is ...

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Pluto's moon Charon is over half the size of Pluto itself, leading astronomers to originally classify the Pluto-Charon system as a "double planet." They were also ...

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The Moon (or Luna) is the Earth's only natural satellite and was formed 4.6 billion years ago around some 30–50 ... Size of the Moon Compared to the Earth.

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For example a person of 50 kg weighs 50 kg on Earth, 8.3 on the moon, and 1354 ... (for example, the moon and the sun look about the same size to us on Earth ...

The Moon has a diameter of 2,159 miles (3,476 kilometers), which is about four times smaller than the diameter of Earth.
Its volume is just over forty-nine times less than the volume of Earth. This means that forty-nine Moons could fit inside our Earth with a little room to spare. More >>
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Jul 15, 2016 ... When you see the Moon way up in the sky, it's hard to get a sense of ... This means that the Moon is approximately 27% the size of the Earth.

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Feb 18, 2003 ... The average distance between Earth and Moon is approximately 30 ... the Sun and Moon appear to be the same size when viewed from Earth.