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The world's superlative trees can be ranked by any factor. Records have been kept for trees with superlative height, trunk diameter or girth, canopy coverage, ...

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Jul 5, 2016 ... Check out the smallest trees in the world! Which tree would you like to keep? Let me know in the comment box below!

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By Steve Nix. The World's Smallest Tree Claim: Some people claim the title - World's Smallest Tree - should go to a tiny plant that grows in the coldest regions of ...

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Bonsai is known for its small size, but the effort to miniaturize trees is sometimes taken to the extreme. The results are tiny little trees (called Mame Bonsai, ...

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Jan 9, 2014 ... However, the little guy is a relative of the willow tree family and is recognized by many as the world's smallest tree, despite the blurred criteria.

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The tiny dwarf willow is the world's smallest tree. A full-grown specimen may reach a height of only 5 cm. It is found on frozen tundra in the Arctic, and grows very ...

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One of the smallest mobiles phones in the world is Modu Phone. created by Modu Mobile, holds the Guinness world record for the world's smallest cell phone .

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Oct 1, 2012 ... The oldest individual clonal tree in the world is believed to be 9,550 years old ( carbon-dated)! This Norway Spruce is located on the Fulufjället ...

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Jun 22, 2007 ... The world's smallest seeds, which have no endosperm and contain ... in the upper canopy of rainforest trees, where they eventually germinate.

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Apr 29, 2013 ... The General Sherman is the largest tree in the world, but it's not the tallest.