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Stain removal is the process of removing a mark or spot left by one substance on a specific surface like a fabric. A solvent or detergent is generally used to conduct stain removal and many ... Oxid...

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the solvent in bleach is water. the solute (although there is more than one) is sodium hypochlorite which is what makes it bleach.

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A solvent is the substance into which another substance dissolves to form a solution. It is the largest part of the ... Its counterpart, the solute, is the part that dissolves within the solvent. Continue Reading ... What is the pH level of bleach? Q: ...

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Solvent Science. A solvent is a material that dissolves another material, the solute, to form a solution. In a solution, the individual molecules of the solute are  ...

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SOLVENTS -- substance in which solutes are dissolved (usually water). AMOUNT -- how much ... Concentration means: amount of solute in a volume of solution. Expressed in many ... How do you make 350 mL of 6% bleach? C1 V1 = C2 V2

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For a solution, the mass percent is expressed as the grams of solute divided by the ... Calculate the mass percent of sodium hypochlorite in commercial bleach, ...

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the state of the solvent (i.e. dissolving a solid solute in a liquid solvent). .... Bleach is a 6.25% NaOCl (sodium hypochlorite) solution in H2O. What mass NaOCl is ...

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The particles of solute and solvent are molecules or ions, with one or more .... bleach liquor - a solution containing bleaching agents that is used to bleach ...

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Jun 14, 2016 ... Why You Shouldn't Mix Bleach and Ammonia. 3. Mixing Bleach and ... mass percent = (grams of solute / grams of solute plus solvent) x 100. or.

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solubility is discussed as grams of solute per 100 grams of solvent. Something is ... Ordinary household bleach is the source of the oxidizing agent, NaOCl.

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So in the salt water example, the salt is the solute and the water is the solvent. In vinegar, acetic acid is the solute and water is the solvent and in bleach, sodium ...

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Jan 17, 2016 ... You have 1500.0 g of a bleach solution. The percent by mass of the solute sodium hypochlorite, NaOCl, is 3.62%. How many grams of NaOCl ...

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Feb 28, 2009 ... It would be .05mol/kg. Molality=mol solute/kg solvent, and because there is no more information given, you assume that there is 5% of a mole of ...