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Aug 4, 2012 ... Why does an oil and vinegar salad dressing have two separate layers? ... amount substance concentration A. Polarity of Solutes and Solvents ...

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A typical salad dressing is a froth of fat and alcohol droplets. ... we call the most- abundant ingredient the solvent, and the less-abundant ingredients the solutes.


If less than 0.1 g dissolves in 100 mL solvent, the substance is said to be ... oil is immiscible with water, as in oil and vinegar salad dressing (see Figure 11.1). ... Such a solution is said to be saturated because it contains as much solute as ...

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1- When an ionic salt dissolves in water, the solute-solvent interaction is .... milk ( ii) hemoglobin in blood (iii) vegetable oil in an oil and vinegar salad dressing.

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The solute (food coloring) is dissolved in the solvent (water) when the ... If you shake a bottle of this kind of salad dressing, the liquids will temporarily combine.

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A solution is unsaturated if more solute can be added to the solution. A mechanical mixture is made of solute and solvent. Stirring can ... Italian Salad Dressing.

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A. Demonstration of solvent and soute mixing. 1. separated solute ... 2. spread out solute and solvent (breaking ... Example: salad dressing; mix. of oil and water

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We have all seen what happens after vinegar and oil salad dressing are vigorously .... solute molecules are viewed as partially blocking the escape of solvent ...

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Answer to A saturated solution will usually dissolve more solid solute if it is ... d. salad dressing ... You can make a solute dissolve more quickly in a solvent by.

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Jul 24, 2012 ... T = K b or f x (weight solute/ weight solvent) x (1000/ M.W. solvent) x (# particles .... Cream and salad dressing are O/W emulsions, butter and ...

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A solution contains at least two components: a solvent, and a solute. The solvent ... Oil and vinegar salad dressing separates because oil is not soluble in water.

1 Solutions and Other Mixtures

Examine the two spoonfuls of fruit salad in the figure below. ... vinegar, and spices to make salad dressing. If you shake .... Identify the solute and solvent.


Identify the solute(s) and solvent(s) in the following solutions. a. 80 g of .... A green leafy salad wilts if left too long in a salad dressing containing vinegar and salt.

Solutions, Colloids, Suspension

solute particles have dissolved to the point of ions, atoms, or molecules; solute particles are evenly dispersed through solvent; particles do not settle out with time ... examples include Italian salad dressing, liquid medicines that require shaking ...