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Sterling Silver = Solute - copper, Solvent - silver. #9 - Water is called the “ universal solvent.” #10 - A glass of very sweet Kool-Aid would have the most solute ...

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Actually, I don't think this question actually makes sense. Sterling silver isn't a solute or a solvent, it HAS solutes and solvents. A solute is a substance that ...

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the solvent for sterling silver is silver and the solute is copper-8%.

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May 1, 2013 ... Describes different solvent-solute combinations and gives examples of each.

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May 1, 2013 ... Describes different solvent-solute combinations and gives examples of ... Solid- solid solutions such as brass, bronze, and sterling silver are ...

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Metal Alloys Such as Sterling Silver. Making Solutions. Dissolving the solute in the solvent. ... One of them is called the solute and the other is the solvent.

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Sterling silver contains 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent copper. Which substance is the ... Nonpolar solvents are useful for dissolving nonpolar solutes. d.

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In a solid solution, such as sterling silver, copper that has been heated at high ... A solute, such as sugar, dissolved in a solvent, such as water, results in a liquid ...

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Margarine; Tap Water; Steel; 18 Carat Gold; Air; Sterling Silver. What is the ... The ratio of the amount of solute to amount of solution, or solvent is defined by the ...