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Your child's teacher may assign ST Math games for homework. Please make sure ... code, as printed below: Follow the on-screen setup instructions. Login. No Cones? Exiting ST Math. Activate. Enter your homework activation information, as  ...


Here is an excerpt from the Website that explains what ST Math is. ... outside of school too, as teachers can assign specific math objectives in the software for homework. ... for the first time it will ask you for your schools activation code.


*An activation code is required. Currently only available to schools.* ST Math ( otherwise known as "JiJi Math") This app allows schools to access their ST Math  ...


ST Math - Jiji!!! Last year we had to input a code, but this year we have been instructed not to. That is correct, a code is no longer required for homework use.


Only if this is the first time logging in at home, you will be asked to enter the homework activation code Homework activation code: POM7C1-HKV-GE-QTF. 4. ST ...


A homework code is no longer necessary to access ST Math at home. ... You do not need to enter an activation code - please ignore the link at the bottom right of  ...


teacher can assign ST Math homework for your child to work on at home. ... that explains how to activate your computer, and it will include an activation code.


ST Math. ... Only if this is the first time logging in at home, you will be asked to enter this homework activation code: 4. Click “I agree.” 5. Click “Allow local data ...


Apr 8, 2017 ... *Available only to schools. A school login is required. Contact your school about how to set up for homework.* Requires an iPad 2 or newer ...