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A selection of 10 of the strongest animals on earth including the eagle, the anaconda and the grizzly bear.

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Jun 25, 2014 ... We prepared a list about the powerful animals on the earth. Their lenghts or weight are not important. Because even a small ant can be very ...

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Well that depends upon your definition of strong! 1. Blue Whale - By pure brute strength the Blue Whale is the strongest animal in the world. Its size is ama...

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Which is stronger, an African bush elephant or dung beetle? Of course African elephants are the largest animals on Earth. But while considering the strength to  ...

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Mar 24, 2010 ... Even if a grown man could pull 95,000 kilograms, he still would get shown up by the newly crowned world's strongest insect—proportionally ...



What are the strongest animals in the world? On this Strongest Animal Facts page of Interesting Animal Facts we explore this question and have a list of strong ...

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Nov 3, 2014 ... Our planet is huge and we share it with 1.7 million other amazing known species of animals all with unique abilities. From the huge Blue Whale ...

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Dec 15, 2014 ... When an animal bites it is going to be scary as hell and very painful. But did you know that the pain you feel has a new measuring unit?

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May 3, 2014 ... Top 10 Strongest Animals. Animals found in different parts of the world possess varying degrees of strength. Some animals have immense ...

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Apr 30, 2009 ... They found a great deal of variation in the data: The most powerful animals were those that feed on large prey or tough, fibrous plants; ...

The horned dung beetle is able to push and carry up to 1140 times its body weight. This makes it the strongest animal in terms of proportional strength (body weight to load weight).
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Animals of all shapes and sizes have different kinds of strengths. Deciding which animals are the strongest really depends on how you define strength. Do you ...

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Apr 28, 2015 ... Think you're pretty tough? Well Cupcake, get in line behind these guys. Here are the Top 10 Strongest Animals on Land.

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This is the list to see which animals are the strongest.