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The United States Electoral College is a mechanism established by Article Two of the United ... There are currently a total of 538 electors, corresponding to the 435 Representatives, the 100 Senator...

U. S. Electoral College: How are the Electoral College Votes Allocated


Every state is allocated a number of votes equal to the number of senators and representatives in its ... Total Electoral Votes: 538; Majority Needed to Elect: 270  ...

2016 Presidential Election Interactive Map


It will take 270 electoral votes to win the 2016 presidential election. Click states ... Use Map Options to set the number of available ratings (colors) in your map.

List of State Electoral Votes For The 2016 Election


The electoral votes are deteremined based on the 2010 US Census. The number of electoral votes for each state is equal to the sum of its number of Senators ...

How Does the Electoral College Work? - The New York Times


Nov 8, 2016 ... Every state gets at least three electoral votes, because a state's number of electors is identical to the total number of its senators and ...

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How many Electoral Votes does each state have? ... Instead of just tallying the total number of votes cast across the nation in presidential elections, votes are ...

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Each state is allocated a number of electors equal to the number of its U.S. ... two candidates split the total of electoral votes evenly (with 538 electoral votes as of ...

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How many electoral votes does a nominee need in order to win the presidency? 2. What are ... What is the total number of electoral votes of these five states? 4.

Electoral college: What is it, and is it really the best system? | The ...


Nov 8, 2016 ... Here is a run-down of the US Electoral College voting system and ... Whoever gets to 270 electoral votes first – the majority of the 578 total votes – wins ... she would still have got the same number of Electoral College votes.

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Jul 12, 2016 ... In all, there are 538 electoral votes and the number given to each state ... It takes 270 or more Electoral College votes to win the election.

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U. S. Electoral College, Official - What is the Electoral College?


A majority of 270 electoral votes is required to elect the President. Your state's entitled allotment of electors equals the number of members in its Congressional  ...

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The total number of total electoral votes does not vary from year to year because the number of members of the House of Representatives and the Senate does ...

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As of 2014, the number of electoral votes in the U.S. Electoral College is 538. Candidates elected president must win a majority, or at least 270 votes....