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A verb phrase is the verb and its dependents (objects, complements, and other modifiers), but not the subject or its dependents. The verb phrase in the sentence  ...


would like to see = modal + verb + to + verb. ... Can a verb or a verb phrase be the subject of a sentence? Yes, usually with (with ???) a gerund (a verb with -ing) .


would like to see = modal + verb + to + verb. ... What is an example of a verb phrase sentence? The verb phrase may contain ... Verb phrase of which area would you like to see first? ... Can a verb or a verb phrase be the subject of a sentence?


The first clause in the sentence is the whole sentence. ... part of the main verb phrase, since it functions more like an auxiliary verb in terms of its ...


Sep 22, 2011 ... It's the first person singular of the present tense indicative of the ... Phrase and the whole of the rest of the sentence is a Verb Phrase. .... used to express what would be the future tense in other languages. ... tense (you could say it to a traffic cop who stopped you en route and ... see an example newsletter.


The first question "What about you? ... But these original English expressions are sentence fragments, and I think that ... So I would say that if you feel sure of what the English words mean, you ... Did you find this question interesting? ... with expressions like do you think we should..., perhaps it would be better if... and so on.


You may think you know how to find subjects and verbs in a sentence, but picking them out ... When looking for the subject in a sentence, look for the verb first.


With "that" We can use clauses with that: • after verbs of thinking: ... other verbs of saying almost always have an indirect object (see clauses, sentences and phrases). ... He made a promise that he would do all he could to help. ... in Quick Grammar section but there is no comment section like we have in other grammar areas.


The first letter of a proper noun is capitalized. ... Grammar Pop does not currently include sentences with attributive nouns. ... ADVERBS can modify verbs (or verb phrases), adjectives (or adjective phrases), ... Thankfully, Hugh couldn't find the anchovies. Sometimes, words you might think of as prepositions act like adverbs.