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Zip drive


The Zip drive is a medium-to-high-capacity removable floppy disk storage system that was ... The Zip disk uses smaller media (about the size of a 9 cm (3.5") microfloppy, but more ruggedised, ....

floppy disk drive - Freecom


trustworthy 3.5” floppy disk is still one of the most used media types in the world. Small files like ... The new Freecom External USB Floppy Drive is all that you need. Affordable ... Hot swappable. No need to restart when connect or disconnect.

How to access your old 3.5-inch floppy disks | PCWorld


Feb 13, 2013 ... ... few early digital cameras did indeed storage images on that kind of media. Needless to say, however, modern PCs don't have floppy drives. ... I did a little shopping on Ebay and found plenty of 3.5-inch external ... (If you've had any experience using such a drive with a newer PC, share it in the comments.).

Is there any such thing as a 5.25 external USB floppy drive ...


Dec 8, 2012 ... Does the replacement equipment have an IDE controller? If it does, you could be able to buy an IDE cable for a 5.25 in floppy drive and use the drive in a ... I think it is a parallel port connection, but I would need to dig out the box and verify. ... ( that was often on the same card) and a separate type of cable.

DAVES OLD COMPUTERS - Connecting drives to PC - ClassicCMP


This section describes a simple adapter that allows connection of an 8" drive to a ... Using 30 gauge "wire-wrap" wire, and being careful to only solder to the very inner ... Note that although this works with some drives, it does not meet the floppy ... and on to a female 37-pin D-type connector for the external drives o...

modify a floppy drive into an external usb drive - Instructables


Is there a way to modify an ordinary floppy drive into an external, usb one? ... how does it connect now? ... and not many people use them anymore, you could get an external usb FDD for $20 if you looked in the right spot.

Is connecting an Internal Floppy drive to a USB or SATA header ...


I do not want to use an external floppy drive. ... That is because a floppy drive does not just connect to a header - it ... But for reading AND writing common 3½" IBM-type floppies at 1.44 MB formatted capacity, an external floppy ...

Amazon.com: TEAC 1.44MB USB External Floppy Disk Drive (Black ...


I bough this disk drive to use in conjunction with my laptop computer. I have a older ... I either overlooked or it was not printed that this product does not work with Windows 7. Now I ... Also known as a scorpian drive because of the USB connect. ... 3.5" USB External Floppy Disk Drive Portable 1.44 MB FDD for PC Windows .....

How do I install a 3.5" floppy on a new motherboard? - Super User


Feb 12, 2011 ... I don't know much about IDE connections/cables but it seems there are multiple types. ... Do they sell these newer cables with 3.5" drive connections? ... don't have a floppy connection so I guess I'm going with a USB external. ... are not IDE - IDE is a 40 pin connector - Floppy drives use a 34 pin con...

Basic floppy disk drive troubleshooting - Computer Hope


Information and help on trouble shooting a computer floppy diskette drive. ... If you do not have a tab place tape over this hole. Because of the ... Verify that the floppy connection is connected to the motherboard FDD connector. ... Once at the prompt, place a diskette into the floppy disk drive and type format a: if you get:.

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What kind of connector do external floppy disk drives use - Answers


It varies. There's no universally adopted external floppy disk drive standard, so it depends on .... What kind of connections do external floppy disk drives use?

How can I connect and use a USB floppy drive with my iMac?


Jan 6, 2012 ... I have book on a floppy disc created for Apple and cannot get my iMac to ... the USB floppy drive and let me open the document to edit and print. ... How do I resolve error code 43 for Bluetooth chipset in Windows 7? ... Why isn't my external hard drive displaying properly on my PC? ... Type something.

External USB Floppy Drives - Floppy disks


Promotional Use Floppies ... Professional Choice: Dell USB Floppy drive $49.95 ... This is the highest quality 3.5 inch external floppy drive we've tested.