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The simple answer is potential or stored energy. More complexely, chemical energy- energy is stored within bonds holding together mollecules of protein, fats,  ...

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When we eat food, our bodies convert the stored energy, known as Calories, ... you will measure the amount of energy available for use from three types of nuts,  ...

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For example, the chemical energy we get from our food turns into kinetic and ... If you've ever worn thermal underwear you might guess that thermal energy is ... This kind of energy is known as 'potential energy' as it can be stored until it's ...

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The food we eat contains energy. ... Stored energy is called potential energy. Moving energy is called kinetic energy. With a pencil, try this example to know the two types of energy. ... You used your own energy to lift and move the pencil.

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There are four types: Chemical: energy stored in things like the food you eat, fossil fuels and explosives. Elastic: energy stored in a stretched elastic band or ...

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In this project you will learn a method for measuring how many Calories (how much chemical energy) is available in different types of food. You will build your ...

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While this might not sound like the kind of food you would want to eat, this plant food ... Energy stored in the plant moves into the herbivore when it eats the plant.

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Apr 17, 2016 ... Although there are many kinds of energy in the world, they all fall into two broad ... When you release the bowstring, it uses the stored potential energy to fire the .... The food we eat comes from plants and animals, which our ...

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Favoriting this resource allows you to save it in the “My Resources” tab of ... The human body converts energy stored in food into work, thermal energy, ... goes to thermal energy, although the fraction varies depending on the type of ... If we eat more than is needed to do work and stay warm, the remainder goes into body fat.

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Energy conversions starting with solar energy, photosynthesis, then through ... They convert sunlight to food for animals (though the plants may not look at it that way). ... 1) Primary Producers -- Green plants and certain types of bacteria and Green ... they eat and release the energy stored in the plant cells for their own use.

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What type of energy is stored in the food we eat - Answers.com


Food contains chemical energy. ... What kind of energy is stored in the bonds in compounds of the food you eat? chemical energy is stored in the bonds in compounds of the food you eat.

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Our bodies digest the food we eat by mixing it with fluids (acids and enzymes) in ... and starches) in the food breaks down into another type of sugar, called glucose. ... can be used immediately for energy or stored in our bodies, to be used later. ... For example, if you eat a large meal and your body doesn't need that much ...

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Moving objects have a type of energy called kinetic energy. ... When humans or other animals eat food, they use its stored energy to keep warm, maintain and ...