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Monkeys eat a variety of things, depending on the species. Their diets include flowers, fruits, nuts, leaves, seeds, insects, birds’ eggs, and spiders.


Most monkeys are omnivores. Monkeys love eating ripe fruits and seeds but, they also eat vegetables. Beside bark and leaves, they eat honey and flowers also.


The feeding habits of Monkeys are very interesting. ... These fruits though are seasonal and so they move around their home habitat to ... What do monkeys eat ?


According to the UC Davis California National Primate Research Center, a wild monkey's diet consists of fruits, seeds, roots and insects. Monkeys that live in ...


Monkeys are mammals and they have a diet that will depend on where they are ... They eat fruits, leaves, nuts, flowers, honey, seeds, spiders, bird's egg, gums, ...


Oct 12, 2013 ... While most of our monkeys and chimps do like bananas, their diets ... The chimps end their day with another mixture of chopped fruits and ...

Jun 14, 2014 ... We all associate monkeys with bananas. Now that banana trees are threatened by a disease, what else will monkeys eat? We're putting out ...


Mar 21, 2016 ... Wild monkeys don't actually eat very many bananas. (And wild bananas aren't much ... Most monkeys are omnivores, and eat leaves, fruits, and insects. Twigs, inner bark, and flowers are eaten. They will not turn down carrion, ...


What Kind Of Food Do Monkeys Eat Monkeys belong to the family of Primates and are often found hanging from treetops. They have long fore and.


Dec 13, 2010 ... We know that monkeys love fruits, especially bananas. However, their diet varies according to the species. This article provides information ...