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Many species of worms are decomposers; they break down dead plants and animals to return nutrients to the soil.

What do Worms Eat? All About the Diet of Worms - Worm Farming


Ever wonder what a worm eats? Article with pictures of the worm diet. Also, what won't they eat?

What do Worms like to Eat? - Life on the Balcony


Apr 11, 2012 ... Here is a list of what worms do seem to like eating: ... Meat, poultry, fish, dairy; Potato chips, candy, and oily foods; Any part of a citrus fruit ...

What Worms Eat: Fruit and Vegetable Kitchen Scraps - Gardening ...


Feb 7, 2011 ... But we have to clarify what kind of worms we are talking about and ... Worms don' t need a tremendous amount of food to live well in newspaper bedding. ... worms without feeding them for weeks and they continue to do fine.

Best Foods to Feed Red Wiggler Composting Worms | Home Grown ...


It's easy to make worms happy if you feed your red worms a variety of foods they love. LOVE: Vegetable ... But do not place the bin under a bright light. ... ~ Revving it up with alfalfa pellets, pee or some kind of commercial compost accelerator

Vermicomposting: Waste Reduction and Worms - CalRecycle


Jul 22, 2011 ... What kind of worms are used for vermicomposting? What do ... How do you harvest worms and vermicompost? ... Since worms have no teeth, any food they eat must be small enough to swallow, or soft enough for them to bite.

HOW AND WHAT DO WORMS EAT? |The Garden of Eaden


Earthworms eat by pulling food into their mouth with their prostomium - the small, nose-like ... Earthworms need a gizzard because they do not have any teeth.

Feeding Your Worms


Worms like to eat many of the same things we eat, only they aren't as picky. ... Do Feed Worms: ... Don't overfeed citrus—should be no more than 1/5 of worm food; Meats, fish; Greasy foods; Dairy products; Twigs and ... Compost Bin Types

What Do Worms Eat - It Actually Depends on Where they Live


On the surface, worms eat a variety of organic materials, such as dead grass and leaves. ... Food is digested in the gizzard, which acts like teeth to grind the food. ... There are two types of material that you will need in the bin for worm ...

Feeding Your Worms - Worm Composting Headquarters


So, what do composting worms eat? Worms eat tiny, invisible, bacteria that feed on the food scraps that you add to your vermicomposting bin. The worms also ...

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What do worms eat? Simple guide to feeding vermicomposting worms


Cut food up into smaller chunks. This decreases the time it will take for the worms to eat their food. Worms eat bacteria growing on the food waste along with very ...

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To feed the worms, place the food under the newspaper in a different part of the bin ... Worms need to adjust to their new home and new foods so do not overfeed ... eggshells to your bin you probably won't need to purchase other types of grit.

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Chopping large chunks of food to feed worms is recommended but not necessary . ... are nicknames for different types of organic matter to use in composting.

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May 13, 2014 ... Good interview except for the "girl" in the back, and the fact that the camera person is either drunk or on roller skates!! A lot of talk about all kinds ...

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The worms will eat their preferred food first but like to have some variety. ... If you do place animal manure in your bin ensure that the animals have not been ...